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Healing Hearts Through Mural Art
Welcome Mural Team
How to Make It Work – “It’s all about the Process”!
It is really wonderful that you or your group is considering participating in the creation of The Art Miles. This project was intended to bring People closer together, to create an environment that fosters communication and understanding between cultures, promote literacy and to ultimately, through their own experiences, learn respect for one another.
The other major goal of this project was to “have fun”, and to provide them with “space of their own…” there is something about a big piece of white canvas that People find inviting and challenging!!!
To begin with, they should choose a theme. Remember, there are the twelve miles to choose from!
The only rules we require that you adhere to are
1) That no one paints over someone else’s work and
2) They should sign their names on the back with permanent markers along with the date completed, name of the group and title (theme) of the mural.
We will also request the group (individually and/or group) sign a release ( waiver ) form acknowledging that by participating in this project, their work will become exclusive property of The Art Miles Mural Project, and that their work could be used for publication, including photos of them working, or of the murals and parts thereof that could be used for promotional materials or other uses deemed appropriate for the benefit of the project or other media events. If that isn’t possible (as example, small Children or Disabled People) a statement signed by an adult witnesses that they exclusively created this work would be required. The waiver can be downloaded as a "PDF File" from the website. Please Download the Waiver. We also ask that you be cheerful and supportive when people are working. It’s really up to you, whether you are the coach, an art teacher, a group leader, a Mom or Dad, or just a person who loves the project and bringing People together, to make their environment a happy and positive one.

Materials Needed:
* 5 foot by 12-foot piece of cotton canvas or “block out” medium weight.The canvas should be primed or a base coat applied with gesso or flat white water-base acrylic indoor wall paint. Block out is a fabric used to line draperies and does not require gessoing, but be sure to paint on the fabric side.
* (1/2 gallon of gesso, but 1 gallon of flat white wall paint will cover 3 canvasses!).
* Inexpensive acrylic paints work as well as expensive ones, so look for those sales and bargains when buying paint. You will need.
2 eight-ounce bottles of black.
2 eight-ounce bottles of white.
2 eight-ounce bottles of primary colors (red, yellow, green & blue).
6-8 two-ounce bottles of various colors of your choice (sold in art/hobby stores).
* Paper cups to be used for water…only fill them ¼ full to keep the spills down.
* Brushes.
* 2 buckets or pails of water (1 for clean water, 1 to put brushes in).
* Paper towels.
* A large 12X18 plastic tarp or floor cover.

Getting Started with the REAL WORK!
* Lay down the ground rules and minimal text (can’t paint over someone else’s work).
* Remind them to take their time and remember this is an important project.
* They can sketch in pencil and then start painting if they like.
* They should decide ahead of time if the design is one directional (like looking at a drawing from left to right, or if their design will be all around the canvas and multi-directional).
* Logos and emblems are encouraged and allowed, but should not be the focal point of the design and incorporated into the overall design.
* Squeeze small amounts of paint onto the pallets to prevent waste and to share palettes that still have unused paint.
* Use sponges and other materials to texturize if they wish…let their creative juices flow!
* Other hints: After the painting is finished they can outline if they like…on large murals, outlining with a marker or black paint makes their design stand out more.
What you will do with the Mural
After the mural is completed, please contact our representatives closest to your location, listed below who will provide you with a shipping address, along with the signed waiver that again, states that participation in the project and the original Mural constitutes your agreement that the mural is the exclusive property of the Art Miles Organization. Please feel free to send as many materials as you can to us one line, at any time during the process (your stories, comments, experience, thoughts, and questions).

Where to send the Mural
USA, California
Fouad and Joanne Tawfilis
Art Miles Mural Project
UNA USA San Diego, UN Building
2171 Pan American Plaza, Balboa Park
San Diego, California 92101 USA

How to Register for the Project
Organizers of the project should contact the Art Miles organization (Fouad Tawfilis: or Joanne Tawfilis: to register your mural for the project and to seek any further assistance you may need. You will be entered into a database as a work-in-progress and under the category theme of the mural mile you register for. An acknowledgement receipt will be emailed or sent to you that you can return to us when completed and full documentation and follow up will be completed.

Certificate of Participation
Every one that participates in an Art Miles Mural painting event should receive a Certificate of Participation. The Certificate Form can be downloaded as a "PDF File" on line from the web site, and signed by the group leader.