Welcome Mural Team
How to Make It Work – “It’s all about the Process”!
It is really wonderful that you or your group is considering participating in the creation of The Art Miles. This project was intended to bring People closer together, to create an environment that fosters communication and understanding between cultures, promote literacy and to ultimately, through their own experiences, learn respect for one another.

The other major goal of this project was to “have fun”, and to provide them with “space of their own…” there is something about a big piece of white canvas that People find inviting and challenging!!!

To begin with, they should choose a theme. Remember, there are the twelve miles to choose from! Some groups like to plan and design a mural ahead of time, and some rely on the spontaneity of the People. That will be entirely up to you and your group. We recommend consulting with the group. They need to know that whatever they do will be seen world wide and that their work will represent their school, organization, town, state, and country.

The only rules we require that you adhere to are 1) that no one paints over someone else’s work and 2) they should sign their names on the back with permanent markers along with the date completed, name of the group and title (theme) of the mural.
We ask that whenever possible, you provide either photos of people with their work-in-progress.

We will also request the group (individually and/or group) sign a release ( waiver ) form acknowledging that by participating in this project, their work will become exclusive property of The Art Miles Mural Project, and that their work could be used for publication, including photos of them working, or of the murals and parts thereof that could be used for promotional materials or other uses deemed appropriate for the benefit of the project or other media events. If that isn’t possible (as example, small Children or Disabled People) a statement signed by an adult witnesses that they exclusively created this work would be required. The waiver can be downloaded as a "PDF File" from the website

We also ask that you be cheerful and supportive when people are working. It’s really up to you, whether you are the coach, an art teacher, a group leader, a Mom or Dad, or just a person who loves the project and bringing People together, to make their environment a happy and positive one.
"What You Will Need and How to Make It Work"  
Participant Disclaimer: By participating in this project your consent is given with the understanding that any rights to the artwork and photos of you or your work, the photos/work by children/adults becomes the exclusive property of The Art Miles Mural Project. All murals, photos and artwork must be submitted with a signed waiver/release form to be included in the project.
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        * Getting Started with the Real Work    
* How to Register for the Project  
* Certificate of Participation  
* What you will do with the Mural  
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