Ambassador Ally Woodard, Art Miles Superstar With Actress Geena Davis , 2010 Epic Awards NYC
We had an amazing experience and met so many amazing people. We were nervous during the ceremonies because Ally was the about the last one to speak after Meryl Streep, who was really funny and got some nice applause
Kiran Bedi, who won the Asian Noble Prize, and whose movie screening will be tomorrow and which we were invited to attend, and we will go to it. Lisa Scott, unbelievable singer, story teller and actress who also was well received. Geena Davis who was funny also as the host. Marie Wilson who gave an inspiring speech, and whom the crowd adored.
And finally Ally. The only one who, when finished, got a standing ovation. Geena Davis had trouble quieting the crowd.
Ten Year Old Girl is Youngest to be Honored with Prestigious EPIC Award
A local ten year old took the national stage earlier this month when she was honored at 'The White House Project's' 2010 Epic Awards in New York City. Actors Geena Davis and Meryl Streep were among the celebrities who recognized Ally Woodard for creating worldwide change, Woodard has accomplished at the age of ten, what many people only dream of doing in a lifetime.
Reporter: Meagan O'Halloran

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