ART MILES MURAL PROJECT - MURAL from Bonita Vista High School Chula Vista, California to go to Chardon High School Ohio, April 2012
Art Miles Mural Ambassador Abdel Farha, a graduating senior at Bonita Vista High School initiated and worked with his art teacher, Mrs. McGinty to work with fellow Students to send a bit of “cheer and hope” to the students of Chardon High School in Ohio. Art Miles coordinator, Mr. Joe Moore will deliver the mural along with others to the students before school ends. Chardon High School students were subjected to yet another school shooting where classmates perished. The Bonita Vista High School students expressed how much it meant to them to be able to send their expressions and messages of hope to Chardon High School. The mural was a major highlight of the Bonita Vista Annual Art Show with the high school students. Art Miles continues to send murals of hope and cheer to victims of natural and human disasters. In the past murals have been sent to Joplin, Missouri, Beslan, Hurricane Katrina Victims, and Sendai, Japan, where 25 murals were delivered and then exhibited in Sendai and other major cities in Japan.