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It isn’t every day (or night) that an artist like Bill Atkinson gets to take years of pastel painting with vibrant colors to create large stretched canvas works of art that capture the undulating passion and movement of classic Latin music and dancers. Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis, recognized Bill’s talent and art and finally convinced him to bring on his fabulous body of work for a special exhibition that they want to share with our community and more.
Bill is well known for his expertise in portraying the beautiful dance and dancer images that stem from the inspiration he gleaned from his son, Jonathon, an expert dance instructor in Los Angeles. However this time around, Bill has taken his work to a new level when his works of art literally come alive with magnetic rhythm and indescribable swirling, twirling and body motion.
Accompanied by Kelly Halloran’s band and music from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s the red hot colors of meringue, samba and magnetic moves of the tango light up the entire museum making it difficult for anyone to sit or stand still. Add to that, the Muramid Museum and Art Center invitation to Oceanside’s own Fred Astaire Dance Studio dancers (along with Bill’s son—Jonathon, and dance partner Lorena) as they create an evening of magic that will take your breath away. The fiery and hypnotic movements of the expert dancers grows more exciting as members of the audience feel compelled to shed their shyness and join in. Anyone in the museum will get caught up in feeling the music, the rhythms, and surrounded by the extraordinary colors of Bills dance art on the walls.
Be sure you join us for this gala closing exhibition and program! You won’t regret it—it’s likely the only dance show that is not ballet or classical dance and one that you can see up close and personal. Better yet, become part of the exhibition and celebration of Bill Atkinson’s powerful body of work in the first mural museum in the world, Oceanside’s Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center. The exhibition is free but as always, donations are always welcome to help the museum help muralists and local school children paint mural art!
William David Atkinson (Bill) is available for interviews by contacting Joanne Tawfilis or 760 716 9308.

Getting Ready For Bad As* Woman

Getting Ready For Bad As* Woman

We are now getting ready for this event.  Check out our latest release below

Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center


International Women’s Day on March 8, 2016 will be a special day in Oceanside’s once sleepy “Artist Alley” when the day will be ignited by the premier exhibition of twenty-five (25) accomplished and emerging artists representing a variety of art forms!

The owners of Oceanside’s newest museum, the Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center have planned an amazing evening of amazing art to celebrate this special day that honors women with a creative program that includes painters, sculptors, photographers, dancers, singers, and spoken word.  

Renowned and famous violinist, Scarlet Rivera (formerly with Bob Dylan) will perform an original composition of her music honoring the Peace Violin and Reverend Patrick McCollum, while accomplished photographer/author, Tish Lampert recently exhibited at the Los Angeles Photo Expo, will showcase a sample of her extraordinary photography that has garnered accolades and awards throughoutthe world.  Other
musical performances will include Greg Snaer, Eliane Weidauer and Ryan Volsika.

Also joining the exhibition will be Mexican American artist, Beatriz Hidalgo De La Garza, Lebanese born artist, Lina Abi Samra, painter Lindsay Carron, Dancer Cara Cadwallader and poet/spoken word artist Gailee Walker Wells and Alma Valdivia Ochoa.  Local painters Ruth Jameson, Marilyn Huerta and Cheryl Ehlers whose familiar works and popularity will also be among the exhibiting artists.

A special tribute and performance will be presented by Britteny Baranson and Chantel Harris from the Mountain Shadows Outreach Center where the Muramid Mural Museum has been involved with their creative Art Miles Mural Project with California State University San Marcos and other projects.

“It is a special night that will honor women everywhere and celebrate the diverse talent and accomplishments that may often be taken for granted or go unnoticed, but this opportunity to showcase the creative part of women and their “work” was just too good to pass up in our amazing venue in Artist Alley” says Joanne
Tawfilis on behalf of her and husband, Fouad Tawfilis. “We are proud, excited and anxious to keep the momentum going forward and building upon what has become a growing arts hub in North County by so many great trailblazers in our beautiful City of Oceanside.  Our goal is to be an inclusive Art Center that will be an interactive community stage for local, national and international artists”.

The Muramid Mural Museum is the FIRST mural museum in the world and specializes in exhibition events that will showcase the nearly 5,000 canvas painted collection of murals the Tawfilis’ have facilitated with UNA USA San Diego Art Miles Mural Project  for nearly two decades and is located at 212 N. Coast Highway in Suite F of Artists Alley between Mission Ave. and Pier View Way.


Contact: Joanne Tawfilis (760) 716 9308 or


Muramid Museum

The new Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center will host its Grand Opening Celebration and Reception on Friday, January 22, 2016 with official VIP guest Ambassador Anwarul K. Chowdhury, former Under-Secretary-General and High Representative of the United Nations and Senior Special Adviser to the UN General Assembly President, who will officiate and cut the opening ribbon.  A special tribute will also be dedicated to Dr. Jerry Schubel, President and CEO of the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific and the exhibition theme, “Water is Life”.

The public is invited to view and participate in the celebration that will recognize and pay tribute to the Museum founders, Joanne and Fouad Tawfilis, their long time mentor, Ambassador Chowdhury and the enduring collaboration with the Aquarium of the Pacific, where hundreds of murals have been created over the past decade.  The new Muramid Mural Museum has a unique concept in being the first indoor mural museum in the world.  

The Art Miles Mural Project, which serves as the foundation for the Muramid Mural Museum began in Bosnia during the Balkan conflict there and has evolved into what is known as “a visual interpretation of modern history” with an emphasis on twelve themed miles of murals; major social issues such as environment, children, women and peace, unity and healing to name but a few.

Based on the California drought situation and the emphasis and concern about water, the seas and our oceans, this exhibition is timely and critical.  Many schools, organizations and individuals have expressed this concern since the year 2000, and the Long Beach Aquarium has championed it on an annual basis with hundreds of the public participating in mural painting”, says Tawfilis. Five by twelve foot acrylic murals on canvas, painted by local and international artists will be showcased during the exhibition that will run through March 20, 2016.

The Muramid Mural Museum and Art Center will also become the venue and gathering place for mural artists of all age, as well as other genres of artists to teach classes, master classes, and participate in LIVE webcasting activities and international exchanges with other artists from the local area, the nation and the world.  

The mural museum concept was developed by the Tawfilis family with enthusiastic support from long-time friend and supporter Mark Princevalle, along with Edwin Molina and Trident Communications, who generated the notion that projection, along with exhibiting selections of physical murals that would solve the problem of exhibiting more than 4,000 canvas murals.  One-half million people from one hundred plus countries have painted murals that were also heralded as a major non-governmental organization project of the United Nations International Decade for a Culture of Peace, and were exhibited by the US Embassy in Paris, France in 2014 at the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).  

For further information, please contact:  Joanne Tawfilis (760) 231 -1010 or

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