Rosarita Artist & Robert Pace Kidd exhibition


The Muramid Mural Museum is the FIRST MURAL MUSEUM IN THE WORLD!  We hope to serve the community of Oceanside as a sort of community art center where interactive and diverse events are happening all the time.  The objective and mission of the museum is to showcase and to provide the international headquarters for the Art Miles Mural Project and to continue to build upon 12 miles of mural painted on canvas by over 1/2 million people from over 100 countries.  We have facilitated the creation of these murals since 1997 when the first mural was created on a bedsheet full of bullet holes in Bosnia following the conflict in the Balkans.  Oceanside has the extraordinary opportunity to benefit from the many professional local, national and international artists and muralists through mural events inside the museum and in schools, organizations and for special events.

On February 4th the exhibition with renowned Rosarita Artist  Robert Pace Kidd will feature his unique works in oils, acrylics, multi-media and photography. The exhibition Southwest by Southwest is the perfect title for what we know about “Bob” as a cowboy surfer artist”. The opening and exhibition is always free to the public and will run through the month of February. Music perfomances by Rick Elliott and the Second Hand Smoke Band and musician Stephen Brown and band will continue throughout the month on Saturday evenings.